Jonathan Adler Collection

This high-end collection is inspired by the artist's flagship creations, giving a certain sculptural and atypical dimension to these products. All in delicacy, these poetic and surrealist works with marked bodily symbolism highlight artisanal work carried by quality materials. The immaculate porcelain brings out the finely crafted frames designed by Jonathan Adler, the metallic cover of the candle as well as the golden embossed mouths, for a most glamorous result. Timeless perfume objects with an elegant design for an original and unforgettable decoration.

The designer: Jonathan Adler

A designer, potter and author at the same time, Jonathan Adler is recognized the world over for his colorful interiors and his modernist creations rooted in excess.

After collaborations with Lacoste, Uniqlo or even H&M, Jonathan Adler is now collaborating with Maison Berger Paris for a unique collection.

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