Best essential oil for beginners

Best essential oil for beginners

May 15, 2021


Best essential oil for beginners 

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Starting your aromatherapy journey can be a tricky one especially when you are a novice when it comes to notes and fragrances. To start your collection of essential oils, here at Maison Berger Singapore, we would recommend identifying your preferred fragrance palette, from refreshing fragrances, citrus to woody, with more than 30 scents available, feel free to opt for functional fragrances to fragrances that delights your senses. Still not sure which one to pick from our plethora of fragrances? We’ll help you narrow it down to our top 5 essential oils for beginners.

Green Apple

Looking for something that is enjoyed by all ages? Try our Green Apple essential oil! Filled with sweet delicious notes such as green apple, peach and jasmine, this oil is a perfect summary blend to use especially during the school holiday when the kids are around. 

Asides from its addicting fruity fragrance, this essential oil has also amazing aromatherapy benefits such as helping with digestion and improving one’s appetite. Keen on getting this sweet aromatic scent? Click here to get yours today!

Green apple essential oil, improve appetite and digestation, ease bloated feelings


Zest of Verbena 

Want something more exotic and zesty? Try our Zest of Verbena essential oil, akin to the smell of lemongrass but with more zest! Sparkling and fragrant, this blend is recommended for those who prefer a stronger scent that refreshes them. Containing citrus notes such as citron and lemon; and invigorating notes such as peppermint, this fragrance can boost one’s mood tremendously, making them feel more awake. 

Other than the scent alone, this essential oil is also useful for its aromatherapy effects and anti-odour benefits as well. Due to the unique functions of the lamp which snuff out bad-odour by destroying odour molecules, this oil is also perfect for putting it in your kitchen or toilet. The invigorating notes are also beneficial for those who want to fight their fatigue or their exhaustion especially after a long day of work. Piqued your interest? Check out this zesty oil today! 

Zest of verbena essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, lemon, citrus, zesty, fruity relaxation


Forest Mist

Enjoy the gentle playfulness of the early morning sun? Our Forest Mist essential oil is the epitome of morning freshness of the woods. A delightful combination of floral and woods, wake up to the delicate notes of peppery freesia and gourmand warm notes of sandalwood and tonka bean. 

This scent is great in the bedroom for those looking for a light wake up call that alerts their mind slow and steady. Other than the lightness that is Forest Mist, this fragrance also has beneficial aromatherapy effects including promoting happiness and calmness. Seems like something you think you’d enjoy? Click here to see this oil today!

Forest mist essential, contains cedarwood, musk for relaxation


Precious Jasmine

Love the floral aromatic fragrance of Jasmine? Try using our Precious Jasmine essential oil! This mystifying floral scent is great for beginners who are more inclined to floral notes. Vibrant and playful, this essential oil blend contains sensual feminine notes of ylang-ylang, carnation and peach. 

Elegant in composition, this fragrance with its suave and heady facet is the ideal for the bedroom or living room. Aromatherapy-wise, this aphrodisiac scent can also relieve symptoms of depression and promote relaxation, perfect for those looking for a calming scent before they head off to dreamland. Jasmine scents are also known to be pain relief. Curious to know how good this smells like? Check out this oil here!

Jasmine essential oil, aids in pain relief for chronic pains, menstrual pain cramps


Delicate Tea 

Warm and relaxing with a slight tinge of citrus from mandarin orange, this fragrance is suitable for those looking for something that both freshens up the room and awakens their senses in a delicate manner. 

Containing a marriage of notes of revitalizing green tea and citrus stimulating notes of mandarin orange, bergamot and grapefruit, this intricate scent encourages the mind and body to wind down. Due to its green tea note, this oil has great aromatherapy benefits such as sharpening your mind and helping you stay focused, suitable for those nights when you need to pull an all-nighter. Want a sniff of this scent? Check out this aromatic fragrance here!

Delicate tea essential oil, purify air and eliminate odour and bacteria, stay safe stay indoors

Looking for other therapeutic functions or want to know more about our fragrances, click on the what'sapp us button or what'sapp us at +65 8255 1135 for specially curated recommendations and booking of appointment.

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