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With 120 years of rich history and expertise, the name "Lampe Berger" no longer reflects the creative diversity of our Brand's unique and quality creations, we have rebranded as "Maison Berger Paris" to embrace our creations and inspiration where French passion for the arts and home fragrances reigns.




Successfully combining tradition and modernity, Maison Berger Paris is a unique pioneer brand in home diffusers and fragrances. A cosy home with perfumed and clean air is the heart of our business, the DNA of our product range. All the rich and varied collections created by master perfumers are a real tribute to French tradition and know-how.

CNO International Pte Ltd is the sole authorised distributor for Maison Berger Paris, previously known as Lampe Berger Paris, in Singapore. Maison Berger Paris as master perfumers are the pioneers and expert of home fragrances. Carrying a wide range of products to keep your interior air clean and smelling good.

Product range consists of the renown Catalytic Lamps which purify and perfumes our indoor air, Parfum Berger which are fuss free stick diffusers that are long lasting and effective, Mist Diffusers for wellness and ambience enhancing, designer car diffusers that are compact and aesthetically pleasing as well as a meticulously selected range of vegetal candles.

Maison Berger’s flagship range Lampe Berger is known for its ability to purify air (by destroying malodorous molecules, such as bacteria and micro-organisms). The patented technology purifies your air and remove odour while diffusing delicate fragrances into the air. This is the epitome of Home Fragrances. Every piece of Lampe Berger lamp is a designer's product, because our customer deserves the very best. Click here to pick out your very own lamp today!

Parfum Berger range consists of stick diffusers, reed diffusers and porcelain diffusers which are crafted in the French town of Limoges. Each possess unique diffusion abilities, click here to shop now!

Can’t get enough of our scents at home? Maison Berger launched the Car Diffusers range, to keep up with our customer’s changing needs. Pick out a classy clip on car diffuser case to match your car interior with your favourite scent. Click here to shop now!

Mist Diffusers are the latest addition to the family with aromachological virtues which have positive effects on our emotions; the product design is as natural as possible to enhance mental wellness and overall ambience.

Maison Berger Paris continually pursues its quest for excellence and adds poetic touches to home fragrances.

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