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Is Ozone the new air pollutant for Singapore?

March 05, 2021

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Burnt smell, throat dryness akin to the onset of a sore throat, dry and tired eyes, dusty homes! These are some of the side effects brought by the haze. Singapore has a new haze-like enemy in the air: ozone pollution. With the ozone ground level worsening, our PSI levels have recently multifold to above 100, making it to the unhealthy range in terms of air quality. What is ozone exactly, how does it impact us and is there any way to get rid of a bad air day at home or in the office?


Ozone? More like oh no!

Ozone is a colourless gas made up of 3 three oxygen atoms. Don't get confused by the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere from which we learn back in school though — this pungent air pollutant at ground level affects our breathing and can damage the environment. 

Ozone is formed when pollutant gasses such as nitrogen oxide, are reacted under sunlight and heat. These pollutants can be found in a variety of places from vehicle exhaust, wildfire smoke and industrial plants. Ozone pollution is more likely to occur in tropical places like Singapore as we have higher temperatures which can result in ground-level ozone to build up to unhealthy levels especially when there is neither wind nor rain to mix up the air.


Health Impact

Depending on the severity of exposure, research has shown that there are several harmful effects that ozone has which can affect the average healthy person:

  • Difficulty in breathing; causing one to breathe deeply and vigorously 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing and sore throat infection 
  • Making lungs more susceptible to infection as a result of inflamed and damaged airways
  • Aggravated lung diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis 
  • Increased frequency of asthma attacks



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    How to get cleaner air

    Although it is difficult to completely get rid of ozone pollution, there are still ways for us to safeguard ourselves from the surrounding bad air especially indoors.Instead of wearing a mask all day, one method we can purify indoor air is by using Maison Berger's catalytic lamps. While known for French home fragrances and aromatherapy, the lamps are also proven to purify the air around you using a process called catalysis.

    This essentially means a catalytic burner that uses heat to diffuse our essential oils. The catalytic combustion ensures a continuous flow of air through the lamp and its surroundings, like the natural circulation of the air, making the purification effect incredibly potent and leaves the air cleaner and fragrant. Although this requires heat, the entire process is completely safe as there is no burning flame during the diffusion process due to our ceramic burner.


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    Thanks to our patented technology, the burner is coated with a special coating that retains heat even without the presence of fire! Air purification occurs as the heat retained maintains at a temperature of 500 degrees, breaking down malodorous molecules in the air.

    Plus, our essential oils contain a variety of aromatic notes you can choose from, from woody notes such as sandalwood, to invigorating fruity scents such as apple and coconut to make your air purifying experience pleasantly relaxing for your body and soul. Browse through our catalogue to discover our plethora of lamps and essential oils today!


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