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Prevent Mosquitoes in your Home!

April 03, 2023

Prevent and Free your home of Insects and Mosquitoes!!

As the weather turns warm and rainy it becomes the best time for mosquitoes to breed. In the course of their reproduction, female mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood for a protein found in our blood that is necessary for their reproduction.

Living in tropical, Sunny Singapore, our environment makes it suitable for mosquitoes to reproduce all year round. It just takes a mosquito approximately 7 days from egg to adult and start the reproduction cycle all over again.


Diffuse essential oils to repel and chase away mosquitoes!

Maison Berger Paris Anti Mosquito Essential Oil is made in France under strict quality controls to ensure that all our essential oils produced meets our quality expectations. Each fragrance is independently tested in a third party, external lab to confirm that air purification effects reach the standard quality before it is launched in the market

Moreover, the additional benefit of using the lamp helps to purify your air in room by eliminating odour, bacteria, mould and other unwanted molecules with our unique patented catalytic burner. Killing two birds with one stone!

The Anti Mosquito Essential oil is available in 2 scents, Original and Ocean Breeze.
Strong mode of diffusion and suitable for bigger areas such as bedroom, living room.

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Close up your doors and windows while diffusing the anti-mosquito oil for about 15 mins to allow the scent to concentrate within your home, before opening a small gap to allow the insects to escape while continuing diffusion.

You will notice, that mosquitoes under the influence of the scent will appear to fly in a drowsy manner and allowing us to catch them!

Use regularly to break the mosquitoes’ pattern and rid your home of insects and mosquitoes!


Anti Mosquito Stick Diffuser is another great way to keep away mosquito and insect too!

A safe and convenient format with no scent, to offer mosquitoes and other insects repelling properties in smaller area. Simply place the diffuser in areas of your home. With almost little to no maintenance, the diffuser will diffuse will circulate its properties to chase away mosquitoes and render them harmless!

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It is more effective to widen the spread of the diffusion, by placing more Anti Mosquito Cubes around your home with lesser stick for a more thorough coverage.

In addition to these products, it's important to take other measures to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Usage of natural insect repellent when going out, and eliminate standing water around your home and prevent mosquitoes breeding with B-L-O-C-K.

 B L O C K Dengue prevention mosquito

However, if you are living near big drains or fields where it may be tricky to ascertain if there are stagnant water, or making it hard to be cleared. Secondary protection for our children and loved ones are highly important to protect our loved ones from vector borne diseases like Dengue and Zika.

Apply and use a natural if possible organic insect repellent, when going for walks or to the playground. Apply insect repellent at home too!

Make sure your insect repellent is natural and safe for long term daily use without causing harm through application. 


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