Essential oils to get you through your vaccine side effects

Essential oils to get you through your vaccine side effects

June 25, 2021

With many of us getting our covid vaccination, some of us unlucky few would experience the horrible side effects of our vaccine — from fatigue to headaches. One great way to ease your pain as you wait for the vaccine to run its course would be by using Maison Berger’s essential oils for aromatherapy. Packed with fragrant notes, some of our scented oils can help you feel better in just a few whiffs. Here, we give you our top 3 essential oils that are perfect for when you are feeling under the weather.


Mineral Oakmoss

Aquatic and woody, our Mineral Oakmoss essential oil can help strengthen your immune system when you have been feeling at an all time low. This unique fragrance contains notes of Pear, Ginger and Grey Amber, giving one an olfactory treasure clove of hints of fruity, spicy and woody notes. Looking for a fresh scent to help you get through the side effects of your vaccine? Try Masion Berger’s Mineral Oakmoss essential oil blend here!


Mineral Oakmoss | Maison Berger Singapore



A great essential oil for reducing stress, our Maison Berger Citronella oil is perfect for anyone looking to relax the mind especially when the migraines hit. This essential oil blend with the combination of its Verbena note can also help one to improve their concentration thanks to its invigorating scent. With a touch of Jasmine as its middle note, this refreshing scent has also a light floral hint. Get this amazing scent here!


Citronella Essential Oil | Maison Berger Singapore


Fresh Eucalyptus

Widely used for its calming scent, Maison Berger’s Fresh Eucalyptus is one of our best selling essential oil. Eucalyptus is known to have antibacterial properties while at the same time soothes one's breathing. This blend first opens up fruity, due to its White Peach note, and then ends off with a hint of woody harmony thanks to its woody musk notes. This essential oil is great for anyone who wants a warm inviting scent that can soothe them down. Grab this best seller here!


Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Maison Berger Singapore

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