Our perfume diffusers allow you to shape the decoration of your home but also the ambient atmosphere in your image. Design in glass or porcelain, sober or shimmering colors, classic or atypical shapes, fresh or warm scents, the possibilities are endless and sometimes make you dizzy. Each year, Maison Berger Paris launches several collections developed in collaboration with renowned French or international designers in order to surprise you with ever more trendy novelties.

Senso Collection

The essence of refinement. With soft hues and elegant lines, the Senso collection is sensual and delicate with a touch of mystery. A true tribute to contemporary delicacy

Jonathan Adler Collection

Come into a casual and audacious world! Timeless scented rituals with an elegant design brought to you by Jonathan Adler, for an original and unforgettable decoration.

Land Collection

A true ode to the naturalness and heritage of Maison Berger Paris. Created with ancestral and artisanal influences. Imagined by Anthony Gambus.

Temptation Collection

Elegance, chic and luxury are the key words of this collection to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones.

Matali crasset Collection

Bold and innovative — a mix of modern and industrial inspirations signed by matali crasset.

Anti-Mosquito Collection

Opt for tranquility and get rid of pesky mosquitoes with our Anti-mosquito range.

Amphora Collection

Between timeless refinement and chic sobriety. The curves and slender lines makes for an elegant collection imagined by Armand Del Sol.

Aroma Collection

Maison Berger Paris has imagined olfactory compositions inspired by the benefits of essential oils, from relaxing to boosting one's energy.

Resonance Collection

Graphic and poetic curves for an elegant and feminine collection. An invitation to partake in a relaxing escapade.

Immersion Collection

Immerse your interior in an atmosphere of exotic scents with this unique aquatic collection and pure and natural shapes.

Belle Epoque Collection

A re-edition of best seller product of the in between war time. A classical touch in a contemporary interior.

Ice cubes Collection

The classic catalytic lamp gets an icy makeover! Will you melt for this original collection?

Lolita Lempicka Collection

Succumb to its magical style and uniquely sweet and sensual fragrance of Lolita Lempicka.

Clarity Collection

The Clarity collection pays homage to "know-how". A mixture of voluptuousness, warmth and refinement.

Anti-Odour Collection

Neutralise the scent of specific unpleasant smells while delicately perfuming the rooms in house with our Anti-odour range. From pets to tobacco, we got your back.

Geometry Collection

Dynamic, graphic, contemporary and modern — the Geometry collection welcomes itself into your home for a unique and dazzling style.

Alliance Collection

A collection of character in bold colors. The Alliance Collection is the contemporary collection par excellence. 

Exquisite Sparkle Collection

Scent of celebration amongst friends, our Exquisite Sparkle collection is intoxicating. A veritable ode to joy that will enhance your interior with invigorating floral notes.

Which home fragrance diffuser to choose?

It all depends on your taste, some will prefer the classic interior fragrance diffuser, effective and design with its purifying and perfuming action. Others will be more attracted to innovation and will turn to the electric diffuser with its fine mist of scented water. This type of product, like scented candles or fragrance stick diffusers, are more intended for indoor use and especially for the home. However, you can also step out of the frame and perfume your car with one of our fragrance diffusers.

Beyond the practical consideration and the use you plan to make of it, you must also take into account the aesthetics of our lamps. It is indeed important to keep the spirit of your decoration by offering inspiring eclectic collections that your living space can remain harmonious. For this, Maison Berger Paris collaborates with designers recognized in France and around the world such as Jonathan Adler, Lolita Lempicka and even Matali crasset. For some, these are early faithful who have integrated our values, such as Rozenn Mainguené, Armand Delsol and many others. They all have one thing in common, that is offering us talented creations, with an original style and unparalleled beauty.

How does it work?

It's normal to wonder how a home fragrance diffuser works. Each model has its own mode of operation and distribution, which must be understood in order to find the right product. The Lampe Berger diffuses the scent hot, which gives it a beautiful intensity. The heat emanating from the technical core eliminates all the molecules present in the atmosphere (smelly or not) and thus purifies the air. Unlike scented bouquets, which offer a cold diffusion of the perfume in the room thanks to the soaked strands. Only electric diffusers and car diffusers are used differently. One requires a power source and must be plugged into an outlet while the other must clip to the grid. ventilation of your vehicle. As for the candles, very easy to use, just light them to enjoy them!

Some of our perfume items have more functions, such as the electric fragrance diffuser, the settings of which can be changed using a remote control. You can thus control yourself the intensity of perfume, the lighting atmosphere but also the diffusion time. However, all have the advantage of being refillable, each of our home fragrance diffusers has their own refills, whether in the form of a solution or scented ceramics. But rest assured, no diffuser is better than the other!

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