Lemongrass Aromatherapy Benefits

Lemongrass Aromatherapy Benefits

August 02, 2021

lemongrass oil | Maison Berger Singapore


From herbal medicine to cooking and even aromatherapy, this tropical grassy plant can be used in a variety of ways. When extracted from its leaves and stalk, lemongrass gives off a pungent lemon-y yet earthy scent that contains multiple benefits just by the smell of it. Maison Berger Singapore gives you a few reasons as to why lemongrass has been touted as the aromatic healer in Asian households.


Calms down nerves

Eugenol  a component found in lemongrass contains properties similar to aspirin. This means that lemongrass oil is great for soothing one's anxiety and lowering blood pressure to a normal one. Aside from easing anxiety, lemongrass helps with migraines and soothing headaches. Additionally, Eugenol encourages the release of serotonin hormones which can help regulate sleep, appetite and cognitive functions.


Freshens up interior

Given its herbal scent, utilizing Maison Berger Lemongrass Oil would emit a natural fresh fragrance into the room, thus being an effective non-toxic all-natural air-freshener. Although this essential oil blend introduces itself with the calming scent of Eucalyptus, this scent then gently releases its heart note of lemongrass. Thus, this oil is perfect for when you need mental clarity first before letting the invigorating note of lemongrass revitalise your mind. 


Natural repellent 

Other than uplifting one’s mood, lemongrass has also been traditionally used to repel against insects for centuries. Simply diffuse your Maison Berger Lemongrass Oil indoors to keep insects such as flies and mosquitoes at bay. 


Maison Berger Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Impressed by the multiple benefits of Lemongrass? Get a whiff of our new fragrance in-stores or purchase it online now! 


lemongrass aromatherapy benefits | Maison Berger Singapore

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