3 Ox-picious Ways - Chinese Niu (牛) Year Edition

3 Ox-picious Ways - Chinese Niu (牛) Year Edition

January 26, 2021

It has been a year since the world pandemic took us by an unpleasant surprise. Lockdowns and travel restrictions are still in place due to Covid-19. As we moo-ve into a new year, this🏮Chinese Niu (牛) Year will take on a completely different light, atypical of the celebratory norms as with the safety considerations in mind.

However, brood not, as we’ve got 3 strategies here to combat the coronavirus together and restore some normalcy into our celebrations! 😉  Covid-19 will not stop us from having quality time and meaningful family reunions- virtual or not!


1. Feasting with mindful safety considerations

🧐 Are we able to say that we are really celebrating Chinese New Year without iconic feasts like Hotpots and Lo Hei? While communal dining is a must-have tradition, double dipping in shared sauces and using personal chopsticks on sharing platters is not!  

Imperial Treasure Steamboat RestaurantPhoto Credit: Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

We do not want to start a party of germ fest by double dipping, using personal chopsticks on sharing platters, and contaminating foods with our saliva and germs back and forth. Even more so with coronavirus around, don’t let it take away the limelight of your party! Prevent the spread of germs using communal chopsticks and have biodegradable disposable sauce dippers to avoid any double dipping.

2. Mask Up during visits

Masks have to be worn when outside of one's home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When visiting friends and families at their homes, it would be a good practice to still keep your masks on unless you are eating or drinking.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to protect your 💗 loved ones, especially the young and elderly, against a potential spread of the coronavirus.


3. Max it at Huat

With the new regulation, the maximum number of guests a house can receive per day is 8. You can invite people over in groups of four, or host two or more families at the same time as long as the total number of visitors does not exceed 8 per day.

Remember to leave 15 minutes in-between visitors to sanitise common areas to curb the spread of virus!

Maison Berger Lampe

Pro tip: Use your Maison Berger Lamp to purify your interior air and release a delightful ambience for your guests! Maison Berger’s exquisitely crafted lamps also adds an edge to your CNY decor 😉 Enjoy clean fragranced air over hearty laughters and chatters


With these 3 strategies, be prepared to conquer the Chinese Niu (牛) Year with fun celebrations in a safe manner with your loved ones. Stay safe & healthy! Together, we can prevent an outbreak of community cases in Singapore!


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