Chinese New Year 2022 - Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year 2022 - Year of the Tiger

January 21, 2022

- Spring Cleaning with Maison Berger

Spring cleaning might be a yearly love – hate affair in preparation of the Lunar New year.

Spring clean the air and energies in your home with our Catalytic Lamps which are known for the functions of purifying air, eliminating odour and providing long-lasting fragrance!

Get one for your home and light it up after to clean your air!

Let your house be filled with lovely warm scents that uplift your spirits and cleanse the energies to welcome the new year!



- Welcoming good luck and fortune in 2022

  The customs behind spring cleaning are to remove the old and bring in the new by sweeping out all bad luck and welcoming the good luck for the new year. Removing the old and broken things also means that poverty is not allowed to come to the house thereby making your home welcoming to wealth and abundance!!

 The catalytic lamps are great in the purifying air and killing bacteria, while the beautiful design of the lamp can decorate your house and give the house a new look!

 Welcome good fortune while also bringing in good luck for your family in this Lunar New Year!




- Decorates with Maison Berger

Feeling like to add something new and unique to your house décor?

Why not you put our Catalytic Lamp at your favourite corner of your home!

We have a collection of lamps that are available in all styles and specially produced by French luxury craft production.

Shop our collections at our website now! Get the lamp that perfectly fits your needs and decorates your home.



- Stimulates the appetite for the big feast

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Chinese New Year is to have a feast with our family while our stomach is full of good food.

Are you ready to enjoy the feast?

The Mineral Oakmoss has the function of stimulating appetite and facilitating digestion, which means it can help you to have a good appetite to enjoy food.

Place one at your home now! Let the fresh scent helps you to stimulate the appetite before a big feast!




- Stimulates digestion after the big feast

If you are feeling too full after the reunion dinner or a feast with friends, not to worry, as the refreshing scents of Fresh Mint, Water Fruits and Wild Berries are here to help you stimulate digestion!

 Prepare these scents at your home for a refreshing and calm environment after having a big meal that also aids digestion!



- Encourage your expression of LOVE

Love is the main element that holds the family members to stay close to each other and care for each other.

Expressing love is significant to let others know that you care for each other.

Discover Paris Chic, a delicate floral fragrance that helps in encouraging the expression of love to your family by filling your heart with gratitude and joy for this prosperous festive season.


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