How Do We Keep Ourselves Safe from DENGUE?

How Do We Keep Ourselves Safe from DENGUE?

June 14, 2022

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Singapore has entered into the emergency phase after the number of dengue cases has reached over 8,000 during the first few months of 2022. And the alarming thing was we have not yet entered into the traditional peak dengue season which is known to be between June and October.

 Prevent Dengue Cases in Singapore NEA statistics peak dengue cases

After reading this, if you are feeling concerned and worried, especially for moms with young children while we spend more time outdoors during the June holidays. Use a DEET FREE, chemical free insect repellant. We understand that most mosquito repellent which are filled with chemicals like DEET may be harmful towards us in the long term. These chemicals may cause nausea and vomiting once inhaled in a large amount.

How do we keep those pesky mosquitoes away while keeping your family safe? You can prepare ahead and keep you and your loved ones safe from dengue with the few recommendations we are about to share with you.

  1. Grab our Anti-Mosquito Stick Diffusers

 Anti Mosquito stick diffuser essential oil natural chemical free insect repellant no odour odourless


Anti-Mosquito Stick Diffusers keep the mosquitoes away by repelling the pesky insects with a unique, odorless formula that makes the mosquitoes drowsy and faint. It does not actively kills the mosquito and is safe for your family especially for long term usage!

Hence, it is safe for you and your loved ones as at Maison Berger Paris, we only ensure good and safe quality for our consumers because we understand your concerns and needs. 

Our Anti-mosquito stick diffusers went through rigorous and multiple testing to ensure that mosquitoes stay away effectively and it is safe for everyone before we release it into the market. So, you can be rest assured while keeping your family safe and free from mozzie.  Shop from here.


  1. Get your Anti-Mosquito Lampe Berger

 Effective Anti Mosquito Essential Oil diffuser home fragrance repel insects repel mosquitoes prevent mosquitoes safe for children child safe

Similar to our anti-mosquito stick diffuser, the Anti-mosquito Lampe Berger uses our unique technology to keep mosquitoes at bay! 

The additional benefits of getting the lamp is that it helps to purifies the air, destroying any odour and eliminating bacteria with our unique patented catalytic burner.

You may also pick out any of our stylish lamps here  as a décor to add personality and elegance to your home. So now you can keep your family safe and protected from bacteria and mozzie and your home remaining fragrant and pleasant while adding sophistication to your decoration at home.

There are two scents for you to choose from: the classic fragrant, and ocean breeze. Classic fragrant are for those who enjoy powder scented fragrance which are not too strong. Whereas for ocean breeze, it gives a nice refreshing and relaxing touch hence making this one of our popular fragrances at our stores.

Keep your room fresh, safe from bacteria AND mosquitoes all at once by using this! Shop now at here.  



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