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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

March 22, 2021

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and one problem that oftens comes up as with any other gift-giving occasion is what gift we should get for our amazing mothers or wives that is both special and thoughtful. And at Maison Berger, what better gift to give than our array of fragrances from juicy to woody notes? Selecting a scent shows your thought and effort into finding out what scent best represents her. With this handy guide, we rounded up 3 of our top unique blends, its aromatherapy effects and matching Catalyst lamps for the hard working mom out there!

Exquisite sparkle 

A celebration in a bottle, our Exquisite Sparkle fragrance is guaranteed to make her feel loved on this special day. This fragrance starts off with the invigorating citrus scent of Grapefruit, with the floral heart notes of Roses and Lily of the Valley. The scent ends off with the cheerful aroma delight of  Violet, Musk and Champagne. Exquisite Sparkle is the perfect scent for mothers who want the glamour of sparkling French wine around the house.

Fragrance aside, this blend also has positive aromatherapy effects. Its head note Grapefruit, is known for being an uplifting note that keeps the body free from toxins thanks to its antioxidant property. The bouquet of flowers at the heart note are known to ease one's nerves, letting her feel relaxed as she gets pampered on her special day. 

Pair this exquisite fragrance with our Clochette Catalyst Lamp in Gold. Its elegant unique shape combined with its silver tulip top complements the regalness of this rich refreshing fragrance.

 orange - exquisite sparkle - essential oil


Si La Rose 

By its name, Si La Rose is our signature scent for anyone who loves to indulge themselves in a bed full of roses. Homely and stimulating, this essential oil comes from pink flowers such as damask and eden rose that can revitalize one’s creativity. This fragrance begins with a slight citrus blend of Bergamot and then continues with a warm romantic atmosphere with marriage of Rose and other delicate notes such as Pimento, Peach and Amber. If you are looking for the epitome of a mother’s day gift in a bottle, our Si La Rose fragrance is the best rosy feminine scent to gift her.  

Being a warm scent, the aromatherapy effects of this romantic fragrance includes helping to balance one's mind and promote inner healing, making her feel at peace. Its Rose and Peach blend combined is good for being a stress reliever and calming down anxiety — making her forget about all her troubles and worries on this special day. 

Gift this rose fragrance with our Pilssee Catalyst Lamp in Coral. Inspired by the design and colours of summer garden lamps, this lacquered lamp that brings out highlights its pleated relief thanks to its round shape, giving it a feminine and glamorous finish.

rose - si la rose - essential oil



Green tea

Simple and clean, our Green Tea essential oil is a delicate harmony of freshness with its Green Tea leaves. This blend begins with a spicy citrus composition of Lemon and Cardamom, followed by the rejuvenating scent of Mint leaves and Green tea. This fragrance is recommended for the mothers who enjoy the simple things in life and who adores oriental scents. 

However don’t be fooled by its simple composition, this fragrance packs a punch in terms of its beneficial aromatherapy effects. The main note of Green Tea is known for its skin regenerating properties, which is good for anti aging. Combined with the base note of Jasmine, this scent is helpful in easing depression, and promotes restful sleep. 

Match this calming fragrance with our Sphere Catalyst Lamp in green. Its round body with its sheeny coronet-like mount complements the polka dot frosted design, giving this lamp a hint of personality and cheeriness. 

green tea - essential oil


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