Tis the Season for Gifting

Tis the Season for Gifting

December 07, 2021

Our favourite holiday season is here again! It’s the time for us to appreciate the journey with our loved ones and remind us to express our love to them. While it can be possible to forget about preparing gifts, don’t worry – we are writing this blog post to help you gain some ideas on choosing a gift that will touch the heart of someone that you care about.



Here at Maison Berger Singapore, we know that one of the most valuable gifts to receive on this day is a comfortable and peaceful environment for us to rest from the hectic lifestyle.



 Amid the regular stress and distractions in our life, let us take some time and have a quiet space to release negative energy and enjoy personal time and quiet space at home, surround yourself with your favourite aroma essential oils, diffused safely through our Catalytic Lamps or Reed Diffusers.



 Here are some of our suggestions – from your female colleague who enjoys her personal time during relaxing weekends in a quiet space, to your boyfriend who wants to balance emotions after a hectic workday, to your classy friend who’s wondering to get the anti-mosquito fragrances for the family – we got a range of products that fit everyone’s needs.


  • For Her

Here are some ideas of a gift to her, from the specially designed beautiful bottles to the soothing and uplifting notes that brings the promise of restful personal time and quiet space, these can be the best choices of a gift to her.


-PURE Lamp set in Ribbon, Lolita Lempicka Blue Reed Diffuser Set, Exquisite Sparkle Cube Reed Diffuser

PURE Lamp set in Ribbon      Lolita Lempicka Blue Reed Diffuser Set   Exquisite Sparkle Cube Reed Diffuser
  • For Him

The elegant touch and design of our lamps and diffusers not only sublimate the interior but also diffuses nice scents while neutralizing bad odour in your space. These are the best choices for him which he can balance emotions after stressful work or a sweaty workout.


- Virginia Cedarwood Cube Reed Diffuser, Anti-Odour Tobacco 2 (Fresh and Aromatic) Reed Diffuser, Aroma Energy Car Diffuser Set – Graphic 

Virginia Cedarwood Cube Reed Diffuser   Anti-Odour Tobacco 2 (Fresh and Aromatic) Reed Diffuser    Aroma Energy Car Diffuser Set – Graphic
  • For Family

For a family, the requirements for suitable essential oils include a nice and soothing scent, classic and sophisticated bottles, and the anti-mosquito formula inside the essential oils to protect your loved ones from mozzie attacks. Here includes a range of our Anti Mosquito products on your gift list.


- Anti Mosquito Cube Reed Diffuser, 1L Anti-Mosquito Ocean Breeze Lamp Diffuser Essential Oil, Lavender Fields Cube Reed Diffuser

Anti Mosquito Cube Reed Diffuser   L Anti-Mosquito Ocean Breeze Lamp Diffuser Essential Oil  Lavender Fields Cube Reed Diffuser


Still not sure where to start? Take a look at our website to check whether there is any product that you think is the best gift for your loved ones. Mark your calendar and buy your Christmas gifts on the 12.12 sale!

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