Top 4 Recommended Essential Oils to boost your immune system and protect against COVID-19!!

Top 4 Recommended Essential Oils to boost your immune system and protect against COVID-19!!

February 11, 2022

Boost immune system and protect against covid-19 omicron delta variant virus

The Omicron variant is highly contagious, if you have a loved ones or close friend suffering from the symptoms or testing positive, here are some essential oils that may help them through their road to recovery!

We know how painful it is to have our loved ones, especially the young and the old, testing positive and hence this list is heartfelt and to share what we know is the hopes that it may offer some help. While all Maison Berger Catalytic Burners helps to purify air and eliminate bacteria, here is a list of oils most recommended during this period!


1) Mineral Oakmoss

Our Mineral Oakmoss essential oil is both aquatic and woody, the unique aroma benefits help to boost one’s immune system and fight against viruses. Mineral Oakmoss tops the list because whether you are recovering from Covid or avoiding contracting Covid, a good and strong immune system is what we need!

While having a balanced diet and loading up on vitamin C is definitely most helpful, but sometimes appetite loss while feeling sick is also common, therefore the Mineral Oakmoss is a must have at home!

The scent is one-of-a-kind featuring a combined elements of pear, ginger, and grey amber to create an olfactory treasure trove of salty and woody undertones, much like breathing in the sea!

For a refreshing fragrance to help you overcome Covid or in our day-to-day life, Maison Berger's Mineral Oakmoss is the go-to essential oil to boost your immune system!


2) Water Fruits

improves breathing aids appetite fights fatigue refreshing aromatherapy

It is always tricky when a young one gets sick, the Water Fruits essential oil is the next recommendation!

Kids love the sweet fruity scent and while they enjoy the fragrance, their breathing is improved at the same time. Water fruits also stimulates digestion working up an appetite so that our young ones are encouraged to eat more and recover faster!

A refreshing and slightly exotic composition of water fruit, dragon fruit and exotic fruits, the unique benefits of the oil help to improve breathing, stimulates digestion and refreshes you!

While symptoms may present differently, water fruits is good for flu, cough, loss of appetite and fatigue!


3) Grapefruit Passion

Grapefruit, fortifying, defend against, refreshing fragrance

Grapefruit Passion is a scent with plenty of vitality. The natural freshness of orange peel and yuzu are combined with sparkling blackcurrant in this fragrance. Much like a fresh squeeze grapefruit, tangy and zesty!

Grapefruit Passion helps you to fight against stress and nervous exhaustion but also fortifies and invigorates your body boosting your physical health. It is a 2 in 1 solution, to aid in fortifying while reliving you of exhaustion if you are depended upon to take care of your family while fighting Covid yourself too!

A great oil to get for your loved ones, while they take care of the family and recovering from Covid at the same time


4) Delicate Tea

Relaxation, cleanse negative energies, restful sleep, calming, aromatherapy

The most important factor in making a fast recovery is to rest and relax adequately. Maison Berger Delicate Tea is a balance of freshness, combining rejuvenating green tea leaves with citrus fruits and musk notes.

Delicate Tea aroma benefits aids in calming your mind and relief you of stress allowing both your mind and body to rest. Leave your worries behind while you recover and prepare yourself for the road ahead. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep in relaxation with clean air circulating.

Green Tea in the essential oil also aids in clearing away negative energies creating balance and harmonious energies at home.


 Catalytic diffuser Maison Berger Lampe Berger burner eliminate odour destroy bacteria air purifying

As the old saying goes, prevention is definitely better than cure, it is great to keep our health and mental wellness in tip top conditions by eating healthy, maintaining a positive mindset and a clean positive environment.

Maison Berger catalytic diffuser and essential oils helps you to set the atmosphere for all kind of occasions in life, from celebrations to wellness and also sickness. A great gift for your loved ones, and if you are looking for more information, please visit us at or WhatsApp us for additional advise!


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